Guidelines For Submissions

Deadline: April 15th, 2018 [11:55 p.m. Montreal, Canada, Eastern Time]
Proposals for SLRF 2018 are accepted in French and English

pdf version

1. General submission Instructions

An author may submit only one paper or one poster as first author, but may also be a colloquium organizer, discussant, or co-author of a maximum of two additional presentations or posters. All documents submitted should be in PDF format and completely anonymized, with all references to institutions and presenters removed.

2. Instruction for individual papers and posters

Individual paper sessions must be designed for a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question/discussion period.

Proposals for individual papers and poster presentations should consist of:

  • a type of presentation (Individual paper or Poster)
  • a title
  • an abstract not exceeding 350 words
  • and a summary not exceeding 50 words

all submitted in a single PDF.

3. Instruction for colloquia

Colloquia should be planned for 3-hour blocks and consist of colloquia of about four papers.

The proposal should consist of:

  • a colloquium title,
  • a brief thematic overview not to exceed 200 words,
  • and brief abstracts for each of the papers not to exceed 150 words each,

all submitted as a single PDF document.

Proposals for colloquia should be submitted by email to the following address:  

4. Abstract evaluation

First and foremost, only abstracts presented in the formats detailed above will be evaluated. Those not meeting these criteria will be rejected. Next, abstracts will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

For individual papers and poster

  • Appropriateness and significance of the topic for the participants of this year’s SLRF
  • Evidence of a theoretical framework and links to previous research
  • Information regarding research design in the case of empirical studies
  • Clear treatment of the topic in the case of theoretical papers
  • Clarity of organization of the proposal

For symposium proposals

  • evidence of coherence
  • and complementarity of the papers