Colloquium on Researching Formulaic Language in L2 Pragmatics

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2018 | 9:45 AM – 11:45 AM |

Colloquium on Researching Formulaic Language in L2 Pragmatics

Organizer: Dr. Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Indiana University

Granger’s (1998) assessment that L2 pragmatics was a promising context in which to investigate the acquisition of formulaic language has proven to be accurate. Formulaic language in pragmatics—known as both conventional expressions and pragmatic routines—has been investigated in terms of second language acquisition (Bardovi-Harlig, 2009), instructed SLA (Bardovi-Harlig, Mossman, & Su, 2017), and study abroad variables including length of stay, intensity of interaction, and proficiency (Bardovi-Harlig & Bastos, 2011; Taguchi et al 2013, 2016; Yang, 2016) in a range of languages, including English (Bardovi-Harlig, 2009; Bardovi- Harlig, Mossman, & Vellenga, 2015), Chinese (Taguchi et al 2013; Yang, 2016; Bardovi-Harlig & Su, 2018), Russian (Furniss, 2016), and French (Edmonds, 2014).

Nevertheless, a relatively limited number of conventional expressions have been investigated; a typical study investigates approximately two dozen expressions. With the goal of interesting L2 researchers in undertaking investigations in additional languages and expanding the inventories in previously targeted languages, in this panel researchers will present procedures from published studies in English, Chinese, and Russian, along with work-in-progress in Spanish for 1) identification of candidate expressions in native-speaker use, and 2) verification of frequency in corpora or density in native-speaker responses to elicitation tasks designed to be used with learners.

Individual contributions:

  • Conventional Expressions and Pragmatic Routines in English, Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Indiana University
  • Film Subtitle Sub-Corpus of the Russian National Corpus, Edie Furniss, University of Pittsburgh
  • Student Reports, Reference Materials, and Native-Speaker Performance in Chinese, Yunwen Su, Case Western Reserve University
  • Work in Progress: Identifying Candidate Convention Expressions in Spanish, Sabrina Mossman, Indiana University