Department of Linguistics – Université du Québec à Montréal

The Department of Linguistics brings together internationally recognized faculty members whose research covers the main fields within linguistics.

Language Didactics Department – Université du Québec à Montréal

UQAM’s Language Didactics Department is the largest regrouping of language didactic professors and researchers in Quebec.

The Center for Research on Language, Mind and Brain of UQAM (CRLEC-UQAM)

1101The Center for Research on Language, Mind and Brain of UQAM (CRLEC-UQAM) is intended to be a meeting and exchange point for UQAM researchers who are members of the CRBLM. The main objective of CRBLM and CRLEC-UQAM is to create a stimulating and enriching intellectual environment through a deep, innovative and interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers whose object of study is language.


Tourisme Montréal

Tourisme Montréal is a private, non-profit organization, founded in 1919 and incorporated in 1924. It comprises more than 750 members and partners from Montreal’s tourism industry, who share the common goal of promoting the city as a premier travel destination to non-local markets.


Aanagram is an interdisciplinary studio specialized in branding and interior design, having human experience at the heart of its practice. The studio relies on the flexibility and expertise of its collaborators to deploy the brand in its visual and experiential manifestations.

The Institute of Cognitive Science (UQAM)

The Institute of Cognitive Science at UQAM is a cross-disciplinary consortium that is part of the Faculty of the Humanities and the Faculty of Science. It aims to promote research and the development of skills in the field of cognitive science. The Institute of Cognitive Science includes members with expertise in various fields of cognitive science.



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